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Register today for your personal Body/Fitness Analysis & Assessment Health Screening.  Here's what you get:


-FREE! BMI Testing (Body Mass Index) Measures body fat based on age, height & weight

-FREE! Diet and Nutrition Consultation

-FREE! E-BOOK "5 Best Carbs for a Flat Belly"

-FREE! E-BOOK "Combat Fat, The Ultimate Fat Loss Solution

Also included:

-Created exclusively for you: Exercise Prescription with personalized workout and nutrition plan

-Learn your physical capability via assessment of your body strength, conditioning & cardiovascular systems

-Discover health risk factors and learn health status (family history, genetics & hormonal)

-Complete self-examination health & wellness questionnaire to outline your fat loss goals, mental readiness


*Introductory Rate $65.00  (valued $199.00)

Body / Fitness Analysis & Assessment